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“Love, Unlimited: How To Take Your Relationship From Rocky To Rock Solid in 4 Months”

Discover the secrets to healing your relationship and creating rock solid love (even if nothing else has worked…)

Love, Unlimited is for couples who are 100% committed to creating lasting, rock solid love in their relationship.
Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.

“Love, Unlimited” is a premier 16 week program designed for couples who want to resolve long standing gridlock issues, rekindle friendship, re-ignite intimacy and create unlimited love that lasts a lifetime.


If you lie awake night after night, replaying recent arguments, feeling alone, worrying what kind of message you are modeling to your kids about love, telling yourself to lower your expectations because “you can’t have it all”…


Yet deep down there is a part of you that longs to feel cherished, and for the ease and intimacy that comes from having a rock-solid relationship…. then “Love, Unlimited” is for you.


Dear seeker of lasting love,


I know your heart aches for more….


You crave an easy, joyful relationship to share your life with your best friend, to be each other’s biggest support, to communicate with affection even during disagreements, to feel fully known and cherished, to create a home filled with love and laughter and to pass on a model of healthy love to your kids.


But instead, you are EXHAUSTED from balancing work and home, ARGUING about the same things over and over and walking on eggshells during those times, feeling ALONE, CRITICIZED and UNAPPRECIATED, and feeling GUILTY that you are sending the wrong message to your kids about love.


IN SHORT: You want nothing more than for this negative cycle to stop, to feel safe again, and to travel through life with your loyal, passionate partner in crime. You dream of Rock-Solid Love.

You Desire…


A relationship built on respect, trust and commitment


To feel connected and in tune sensually and sexually


To feel desired in and out of the bedroom


To be able to discuss sensitive issues without criticizing or stonewalling


To feel an atmosphere of easy affection and humor in your home


To be on the same page about money/financial goals


To laugh, be silly and truly enjoy each other


To feel fully understood and adored


To share the responsibilities, struggles and the joy of running a happy home


To share similar values in raising your children


To know each other’s life dreams and goals and help one another achieve them


To openly appreciate and pamper each other often


To have gentle honesty, respect and commitment be the bedrock of your relationship


To be able to balance work and life and still make time for each other


To feel connected and able to trust completely, even when you are apart


To be emotionally available and responsive to each other, especially when life throws you a curveball and you need some extra loving.


To make each other’s happiness a priority and to express that in daily mundane actions


To keep spontaneous fun and romance alive, even if young kids are in the picture


And most of all:


To know, deep in your bones, that nothing can shake the intimate connection you have with each other…

The Problem is:


You’ve been hoping for, and working at this for months, maybe even years, and not much has changed…


Maybe you:


Have gone to counseling to “work on your anger”, or to “learn to compromise”, but the disappointment and hurt keeps gnawing at you from within and you’re tired of compromising where no one seems to win.


Feel hopeless about all the convoluted arguments, where no one feels truly heard and both of you end up feeling more alone than ever…


Are tired of juggling life, work and kids, barely have time for fun or intimacy anymore, and the distance seems to be growing every year…


Are beginning to live like roommates, sharing routine and practical chores, but nothing pulls at your heartstrings anymore…


Have tried couples therapy, which seemed to briefly help, but things just went back to how they were…and you’re starting to feel that your relationship is beyond repair…


Think you are “just not compatible” with each other


Keep reading the latest “communication” tip to solve disagreements, but nothing seems to work long term….


If you’re feeling blocked from love, strapped for time and clueless on how to repair and rebuild your relationship…but know in your heart you both deserve more…. this is the program for you.


Let’s stop settling for “so-so” relationships. Let’s create your Unlimited, ROCK SOLID LOVE.



Love, take a Deep Breath…


You don’t have to keep pretending everything is okay, while secretly worrying if your relationship will survive.


You don’t have to settle for a “so-so” relationship that leaves you feeling alone and unfulfilled.




I’m Dr. Kavetha Sun, a Psychiatrist and a Couples Therapist, and I’m here to show you that you and your partner have EVERYTHING it takes to build unbreakable love, right now.


In my training and work as a Physician, Psychiatrist and a trained Couples Therapist, I have spent the last 11 years helping countless couples find inner joy and create loyal, passionate, happy relationships – even when it seemed utterly hopeless.


I have a collection of all the relevant credentials and qualifications:


M.D (Hons) – Coimbatore Medical College, India

Top student in Psychiatry during medical school

Residency in Adult Psychiatry – University of Connecticut

Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry – Harvard University

Farley Award for Academic excellence – Harvard University

Trained in the top Couples therapy techniques in the world– Gottman’s model AND Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

Trained in Trauma Focused CBT, DBT, EMDR and Family therapy


But the real reason I know I can help you is that:




For a long time, I too struggled in my relationships, and couldn’t figure out how to create healthy, happy love that lasts.


You see, I was raised in an emotionally and physically abusive home. And although I was blessed with loving grandparents and loyal friendships, I did not grow up with a model for safe, secure romantic love.


As an adult, I put myself through medical school, became professionally successful, and enjoyed several close friendships. Yet, romantic love eluded me, and I found myself as a 30+ year old:


In and out of relationships that seemed to start off well and take a nosedive after a few months or years

There would be an initial honeymoon period, when I was sure I had found my soul mate

Gradually, we would fall into repetitive patterns of hurtful arguments over key issues that felt unresolvable

We would talk about our problems over and over, desperate to find a solution, but only getting more upset with one another each time

I would become anxious and dependent on the relationship, gradually giving in and giving up parts of myself more and more, in order to keep the other person “happy” …. a constant cycle of “compromise” that bred loneliness and resentment

I would frantically read books, listen to podcasts, go to therapy and try harder to communicate….

Slowly, connection and intimacy would be replaced with practical exchange of “to-do” lists and we’d become more like roommates

Finally, it would come to an end, and I would convince myself it was because we were not compatible and I just hadn’t yet found “the one”


I was even married for 3 years, and yet this pattern reasserted itself and the marriage ended in a cloud of hurt and confusion. Lasting love continued to be a mystery to me.


Finally, a few years ago, I hit the pause button on dating and decided to go straight to the source of relationship wisdom – I became a couples therapist myself! And the more I learned, the hungrier I became for this essential life wisdom (I am now convinced this should be required learning in every high school…would save many of us so much heartache!) *wink*


Here’s the kicker– within only FOUR MONTHS of learning and applying these principles, I met the woman who became my best friend, soul mate, partner in crime – and now – my wife! Over the last few years, we have together created the rock-solid love that I once thought was possible only in my dreams. Do we disagree on things sometimes? You bet we do – that’s part of any normal adult relationship! But we stay loving and connected through it all, our home is filled with laughter and goofy antics, we know each other’s dreams and secret desires, make time to enjoy intentional intimacy in and out of the bedroom, and we make each other’s happiness a priority, even in the mundane moments of life.


And I know, in my bones, I have unlocked the code to relationships and found my lasting love.


AND NOW I WANT TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE SAME IN YOUR LIFE. WHY? Well, that’s easy! I believe in your relationship and I want to help you both achieve the unlimited, rock solid love that you long for and



I can help you turn a life of loneliness, frustration and hurt into one of connection, joy and intimacy. You won’t have to go through years of training, read every book I’ve read, or experience every heartache, before learning the art and science behind lasting love.


And no, you don’t have to spend years in couples therapy either!


Most couples imagine it’ll be easy to repair their relationship using the DIY route.


Maybe you’ve been taught that relationships should “be easy and work on it’s own, or it’s not the right one.”


Or “If you’re not compatible in most things, then he/she is not your soul mate”.


If so, here is my question for you – would you approach your career or parenting this way? We spend years honing our craft and learning to be good parents, and yet, we often approach our most important adult relationship with a “Oh well, it either works or it doesn’t” attitude. No wonder many of us struggle in romance!


There is nothing worth having in life that does not require some challenge and growth.


Almost every relationship runs into trouble at one point or another. So, what separates the masters of love that make it, from the disasters that stay unhappy or end in divorce?


The difference is mindset.


Even when the relationship is NOT working, the folks in disaster relationships think:


“It’s fine, everything will work out if I just wait it out”

“I just need to lower my expectations and compromise more”

“This program might work for xyz, but it will never work for us”

“We’ve tried everything; I guess whatever is meant to happen will happen”

“If I just stay patient and wait it out, he/she will come back to me”

“The only way for this to improve is if BOTH of us agree to do the program, and I know my partner won’t. So my situation is hopeless” (This is a big myth. You can change your relationship just by changing YOUR steps in the dance. I’ll show you how!)

“This is too expensive. We can just read a book/go to therapy/talk about stuff and it will get better”

“Our relationship won’t really affect the kids. They’ll be fine. They’re too small to remember anything”

“Our lives are too busy right now. We’ll do it when – insert your favorite excuse here – the kids are older/ we have more money/ our careers aren’t so crazy/ we finish training/ we move/ we get the raise/ I’ve lost the pregnancy weight/ we get the new business off the ground etc.


I know that’s NOT you! Please don’t be let your relationship be another divorce statistic, like I did, and put yourself and your family through so much pain, before you wake up.


I don’t want you to waste anymore precious time trying to make it all work on your own.


That’s why I developed my “Love, Unlimited” program!


During these 4 months, you will learn my signature system for naming the dance you both are caught in, de-escalating the cycle, repairing betrayals and wounds, re-creating a foundation of friendship and intimate connection, learning how to solve any conflict, strengthen your trust and commitment, and know in your bones that you have rock solid love for life.


This is not a piecemeal approach, where I give you one tiny aspect and leave you to find the rest elsewhere. This is the real deal, the A-Z of lasting love.



Here is what you can expect from “Love, Unlimited: How to Take Your Relationship From Rocky to Rock Solid in 4 Months”


First off, this is not a theory class on love. This is a hands-on, experiential, fun program. There are 4 main modules, one per month. Each one is broken down into bite-sized weekly lessons, which build on each other. You and your partner will learn about a concept, do fun exercises together and make solid gains in one module before moving on to the next. By the end of the 4 months, your most important takeaways will be:




Love, Unlimited is for anyone who is 100% committed to creating lasting, rock solid love in their relationship.


Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.

How does it all work?


Welcome Packet and Orientation:


As soon as you enroll in the program, you will receive a welcome packet and orientation module, to help you make the most out of the program, and fully prepare for the 16 weeks ahead. This will include:


  • A comprehensive assessment: Access to a world-class online couples relationship assessment tool, with separate logins for each of you. The results get e-mailed directly to me.
  • Strategies on how to cultivate the right mindset to create the relationship of your dreams
  • Organizational tips to maximize success and get the most out of the program


Kick Starter 3-hour intensive:


This is a comprehensive 3-hour initial session. We will begin by meeting together for 1 hour, so I can learn more about your specific relationship history, and go over your Assessment. Then I will meet with each of you individually for 45 minutes each, to get to know you both on a personal level – this is crucial, and designed to help us explore things that are harder to discuss in a joint session. Then we will come together for the last 30 minutes to make a plan that feels realistic and doable to both of you. (I charge $350 per 50-minute session in my private practice, so this intensive alone is a $1500 value).


After the kick-starter intensive, you will receive:


Weekly audio lessons + uniquely designed workbooks/exercises ($2000 Value)

1:1 50-minute weekly coaching with both you and your significant other for the remaining 15 weeks ($5,250 value)

Full email access to Dr. Kavetha Sun, a Harvard trained psychiatrist and couples therapist, for 4 months. Submit your questions directly to me for personalized help. (Priceless)

Access to our Facebook community: A 4 month private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other couples going through the course, share tips and get questions answered and get support/advice for your journey. Plus, additional access to Dr. Kavetha Sun by posting your questions in your private forum. (Priceless)



Module 1: “Moving from Anger to Connection & Friendship.”

  1. a)    Naming the Dance: Be able to clearly see and name your unique relationship “dance” without blame or anger. When we can see and name something it stops being an amorphous, confusing, scary phenomenon, and instead becomes a tangible pattern that you can describe, and hence change.
  2. b)     Learn to catch yourselves when the dance is about to take over, and use cutting edge de-escalation and connection techniques that will calm your body and mind in the moment.
  3. c)    Create a foundation of friendship. There is a specific science to being each other’s best friend, and I will walk you through step by step. I guarantee you will have a lot of fun and laugh like kids during these exercises.


Module 2: “How to Talk So Your Partner Will Listen, and Listen So Your Partner Will Talk”

  1. a)     From Conflict to Communication: Guys, this skill TRANSFORMED my life. Not just in romantic relationships, I use this with my family, colleagues, friends, neighbors…. it’s a powerful technique that will have you both figure out ANY gridlock issues – money, sex, kids, chores, in-laws, work-life balance, respect – you name it – anything you both find yourselves caught up in a hurtful cycle on, this will help you get past it once and for all. You will use this one over and over again, throughout your lives.
  2. b)    Repairing old wounds: Ah, there is no relationship that does not have old wounds. And you may have some, as most of us do, from your past or your childhood too. Although we cannot go back and change whatever has happened, we will help you both be able to talk about it gently and lovingly, and begin to repair even the most painful of betrayals or wounds, so it’s not a barrier that keeps true intimacy at bay. I know this one sounds scary, but I promise you, I am very skilled at this, and will lead you both gently but firmly every step of the way, until we cross the chasm and are on  the other side.


Module 3: Trust, Commitment and Sex.

  1. a)     Strengthening trust and commitment: These two are essential to lasting love, and by the end of this module, you will feel renewed sense of trust and be equally committed to your bond.
  2. b)    Healing the top 3 areas of concern that are specific to your relationship, and using them as opportunities to deepen your connection (Yes, having conflict is actually a good thing – It means you still care! And we can use them as entry points to deeper connection.)
  3. c)     Sex and Intimacy: Creating sensuality and passion, in and out of the bedroom. Couples in our program tend to love these exercises. No matter how “different” you and your partner may be in your sexual needs, this will get you out of the “wrong vs right” mentality and into having fun. I will help you reignite the “goosebumps and heart racing” feelings you once had for your partner (even if it’s been years since you last felt this) and have you BOTH enjoying sex again.


Module 4: Sacred values and Rituals + How to carry this love forward through the future!

  1. a)    Creating shared meaning for your life and future: I will help you both create a shared value system, one that works for both of you, that will hold a sacred place in your marriage. You can refer to this throughout your futures, when big or difficult or competing decision points arise. One of my clients  describes it as a “lighthouse that shows us the way whenever we feel a bit lost”
  2. b)    Create rituals of connection: As human beings, we are creatures of habit. There is research showing that when family units that have distinct and special rituals, tend to feel closer and stay connected through the years. I will help you create intentional rituals that celebrate your special bond.  P.S; A bonus surprise ritual will be included in the program!
  3. c)     At the end of the program, we will celebrate your journey and I will show you how to do a “Relationship Wellness Check” every year, so you can nurture your bond and enjoy rock solid love for a lifetime.This is a crucial step, that will help you both feel confident to face all the possibilities and uncertainties that the future brings. You will leave knowing, in your bones, that you have the tools to come back together even when life stressors hit (as they inevitably will.)


My clients work with me because I can look deeply into their hearts. I can quickly see where your relationship is blocked and how it’s stopping you from vulnerable, authentic connection.


My clients are always surprised how efficiently we address and heal their deepest issues and how quickly they begin to feel more joy in their relationship, even if nothing else has worked for years.



Love, Unlimited is for anyone who is 100% committed to creating lasting, rock solid love in their relationship.


Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.




This program will transform your marriage and your life, create abundant intimacy and joy in your home, and set an example for your kids on how to create healthy love in their future too!


But that’s not all! You will also receive these amazing bonuses:


Bonus #1:

A hard copy of my favorite book on love, a special journal, and other delicious surprises, mailed to your address. ($200 Value)


Bonus #2:

A list of my favorite books, apps, and other resources that I have curated over the years, that continue to help my wife and I in our own marriage. This is the best of the best, and is not stuff you’d find on Google! ($200 Value)


Bonus #3:

Weekly 10-20 minute meditation recordings personally designed by me, that pertains to the module/skill you are working on. They will help you delve deeper, learn self-awareness and self-soothing, and find calm, so you feel less easily triggered. You can listen to these over and over – whenever you have a few minutes to spare. ($1000 Value)


Bonus #4:

Lifetime access to our Facebook group “Art and Science of Lasting Love”, where I often post articles and videos with tips on creating intentional love. (Priceless)


Bonus #5:

Lifetime membership to our monthly newsletter, filled with the latest research on creating happy, healthy relationships. (Priceless)


The total value of everything that is included in this program is more than $11,000!


The cost of this program, all-inclusive, is just $6000 if you pay upfront.

(If you would prefer an installment plan, the cost is $9,000, split into four monthly payments of $2250 each.)


The value you are receiving – potentially saving your relationship and your family, and creating a bond that can last a lifetime – is of course priceless.


Love, Unlimited is for anyone who is 100% committed to creating lasting, rock solid love in their relationship.


Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.





When you click to apply for your private discovery call, I’ll help you gain clarity on your relationship challenges and life goals, and answer any questions you have about the program. If we both feel it’s a good fit, I will invite you to join “Love, Unlimited” and we can start right away. Once you complete your registration and payment, your Welcome Packet and Orientation Module will arrive in your inbox!


Love, Unlimited isn’t your typical coaching program.


I’ll show you how to hone in on the core issues, quickly calm your distress cycle, and gradually create abundant and intimate connection. With the right support, steps and tools, you won’t waste anymore time aimlessly reading articles and books that don’t pertain to your specific issue, trying in vain to solve your problem by talking it over and over with your partner, only to end in more pain and disconnection, asking friends/family for help, or dragging your other half to therapy for months…or even years…while the same underlying patterns persist and worsen.


No more wasting time standing on the sidelines of life, longing for unlimited love. Let’s take a moment to really imagine that. What would you do with that invincible feeling of knowing you have rock solid love in your life?




  • Quit your job, or go part time to spend more time with your kids, knowing you have your partner’s support for life?
  • Start that business you’ve been dreaming about for so long?
  • Grow your family; knowing that any kids you bring into the world will be born into unlimited love?
  • Go back to school to unleash your inner passions, knowing your partner will pick up the slack at home?
  • Sleep in peace; knowing you are creating a safe, loving world for your kids?
  • Travel and explore the world together in curious wonder?
  • Take control of your health and wellbeing, because you want to be around to enjoy your partner and family forever more?


Open a world of unlimited possibilities!


This will be a journey of a lifetime and I can’t wait to dive in with you both.


If your partner is not on board yet, do not fear. You are one half of the dance, and once you change your steps, the relationship automatically shifts. You can create a stronger, more loving bond JUST by dancing differently. When your partner sees the relief and joy you are experiencing, and things begin to shift that haven’t shifted in years, he/she will WANT to be a part of this journey toward unlimited love.


There are plenty of programs out there that teach personal growth, but none of them take the time to show you exactly how to transform your unique relationship, and lead you step by step from hurt and disconnection, to the rock solid love you secretly long for.


I feel so grateful to be able to share this information with you. It’s changed my life forever and I know it will for you, too. When you enroll into Love, Unlimited, you’ll connect with the deepest parts of yourself and your partner, heal even the most painful hurts and connect with tenderness and intimacy again:

  • No matter how much anger/pain creep to the surface (Because it will)
  • No matter how uncomfortable change might be (We’ve all been there)
  • Even if it seems like you’ve tried everything else and it feels hopeless (It’s not)


You will:

1)    Be each other’s best friend, and feel complete trust in your love

2)    Know how to disagree about anything without hurting one another or becoming distant/angry

3)    Become skillful at the art of compromise (Hint: when done right, it will bring you closer together rather than drive you further apart)

4)    Have fun/laughter and affection be a daily part of your home life

5)    Help one another reach for your life goals

6)    Feel appreciated for your contributions to the family/home

7)    Create shared dreams and rituals of connection, that can bring you back together again and again when life becomes stressful

8)    Learn simple, practical ways to prioritize each other even when life is full of to-do lists.

9)    Re-ignite passion and intimacy, so both of you feel courted and desired, in and out of bed

10) Know in your bones that you have created an unlimited, rock solid love…


I used to think all this was just a wishy-washy, unrealistic, fairy tale dream. But I know it’s not – because I have all this and more with my wife. This is how un-limited, rock solid love feels. I have helped couples that have tried everything else and feel hopeless, reconnect and find hope again. And I can help you create this with your partner


In these 16 weeks, you will get more than a proven system. If you show up willing to learn and do the work – you’ll experience a complete transformation of your relationship and have the unlimited, rock solid love that you’ve always longed for.


Love, Unlimited is for anyone who is 100% committed to creating lasting, rock solid love in their relationship.


Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.





  • You are sick and tired of walking on eggshells and your arguments are beginning to sound like a broken record
  • You’ve struggled to make changes on your own and are ready to get help from an expert who has spent years studying and living these principles.
  • You’re unwilling to give up on this relationship without a fight
  • You understand if you want different results, you have to do something different
  • You’re willing to give a couple of hours each week, for 16 weeks, to learning the principles of rock solid love, and doing the work. Work that will positively transform not just your life, but your kids lives as well.
  • You’re prepared to trust the process, trust me and trust yourself
  • You can’t wait to feel fully known, unconditionally loved and passionately desired again.




  • You’re hoping for a quick/magical fix, without putting in the work. My dear, for this to work, your heart’s got to be in it! I can’t do the work for you.
  • There is an ongoing affair, domestic violence, or moderate-severe substance abuse. If your relationship is struggling with one or more of these, you and/or your partner need to resolve it through individual treatment first, before couples relationship coaching has a chance to work.
  • You’re stuck in blame mode, determined to make yourself or the other person wrong
  • You believe you can DIY your way out of this
  • You aren’t willing to give your all to the possibility of creating lasting love




  • Lie in bed every night going over the latest argument and worrying if your relationship will make it over the long haul
  • Continue to feel unheard, unseen and unloved
  • Go back and forth between blaming yourself, your partner or some external circumstance
  • Make the mistake of thinking more communication will fix the problem
  • Feel guilty for raising your kids in an unhealthy, unhappy home


…Or, you can put an end to struggling and join my program. I’ll show you how to heal the hurt, create authentic connection and finally enjoy intimate, lasting love.




I know what it’s like to try and do it alone. We don’t have the ability to see ourselves objectively, and our relationship dance is so ingrained and automatic that we can’t even see the steps any more…. we just “do” them. I know you need- and want to save your relationship. Let’s work on re-creating connection and re-igniting trust and intimacy now…. before it’s too late. What are you waiting for?



Love, Unlimited is for anyone who is 100% committed to creating the love and life of their dreams. 
Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.

My promise to you:


In these 16 weeks, you’ll get more than great information. You’ll experience a transformation of your relationship and a NEW confidence to repair and re-create intimate, secure, joyful connection whenever you need it.


You’ll leave knowing that you took your precious relationship from rocky to rock solid this year – and gave yourself and your family a priceless gift.

Have questions? We have answers.


  • Is this couples therapy?

Although I am a physician and a psychiatrist, this is a coaching program and I will function solely as your relationship coach.


  • Is this covered by insurance?

No. However, I do offer a payment plan, of $2250 per month over 4 months.


  • Will I have to buy more resources to make this program work for us?

No, everything you need for a happy, healthy relationship is included in the program.


  • What if I buy this program and find out it’s not for us? Is there a refund?

I do not offer a refund. As in everything worth having in life, your results are totally dependent on your hard work, commitment, emotional skill, where your relationship is at when you join and many other factors. We will explore all this and more during the discovery call. I promise I will not invite you to join if for any reason, I feel this program is not right for you – it would not serve either of us to do so.


  • What happens if we miss a session?

I know life is unpredictable and sometimes things comes up that we didn’t expect. If you have to reschedule, please email me 24 hours in advance. Due to the nature of the program, all appointments have to be made up within a week, so it does not stall your progress. If you don’t reach out 24 hours in advance or just forget and miss a session, it cannot be made up. I allow up to 2 missed sessions over the 4 months of the program.


  • What happens if we couldn’t finish the program in 4 months, will there be an extension?

If you are, for any reason, unable to finish the program in 4 months,    you can apply for an extension.


  • How much does the program cost?

The fast action price is 6K. If you need a payment plan, the total price will be 9K, broken down into $2250 per month over 4 months.


  • Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is ☺ If you need a payment plan, the total price is 9K, broken down into $2250 per month over 4 months.


  • How much time commitment will this program require?

I recommend you set aside 20-30 minutes a day, in addition to the weekly 45 minute 1:1 session with me, to creating the unlimited, rock solid love you both deserve.


  • What if my partner isn’t willing to do the program with me right now?

If your partner is not on board yet, do not fear. We have had several folks begin the journey on their own and have great success. You are one half of the dance, and once you change your steps, the relationship automatically shifts. You can create a stronger, more loving bond JUST by dancing differently. When your partner sees the relief and joy you are experiencing, and things begin to shift that haven’t shifted in years, he/she will likely WANT to be a part of this journey 
toward unlimited love.


  • I’m excited to join! How do I pay?

You can pay in full, or in installments. Click the “Apply” button below to book your discovery call.

button below to book your Strategy Call.


Love, Unlimited is for anyone who is 100% committed to creating lasting, rock solid love in their relationship.


Because of that, Love, Unlimited is by application only.

Have more questions? I’m here to help!

Contact me: info@DrKavethaSun.com.


Results and customer testimonials:

Of course, it’s important to add that a disclaimer to say your results using this program may vary and are not guaranteed. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, where your relationship starting point is at the entry into the program, personal and emotional intelligence skills, investment of time and effort of both parties in the relationship and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual and each relationship, we cannot guarantee your success or results in the course, whether you and your partner decide to stay together or part ways during or anytime after the course, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.


Client Agreement:

I have purchased and customized a Client Agreement for 1:1 coaching programs from lisafraley.com, which I will add here.

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